Basic life skills for Musahar girls

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Basic life skills for Musahar girls

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Musahars are the most politically marginalised, economically exploited and socially outcast group in Nepal. Due to a caste system that considers them untouchable, Musahars suffer extreme exclusion from education and employment. Just 4% of Musahar children are in school after age six, and 100% are out of school after age ten. The literacy rate is 7% amongst Musahars, and a mere 3.8% amongst Musahar women and girls. 85% of Musahars are unable to read or write at all.

Our latest project aims to free Musahar communities from bonded labour. Street Child are supporting vulnerable women and girls to learn basic literacy and numeracy alongside weekly workshops where women and girls can learn important life skills – from understanding their rights to basic hygiene practices and access counselling and support. We are also providing livelihoods support in the form of training and business grants so young Musahar women can set up businesses and become financially independent.

In total, we will be supporting 3,000 Musahar girls across three districts in Nepal.

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