Provide learning materials for Nigerian children

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Provide learning materials for Nigerian children

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1.3 million children have been forced to flee their homes from conflict in North East Nigeria.

3 million children can’t go to school. Hundreds are facing starvation every day. Many are struggling in temporary camps where disease and hunger are rife.

Conflict in North East Nigeria has led to the active targeting of education. Millions of children are now deprived of the chance to go to school.

In Borno state, three in five schools are closed and over 19,000 teachers have been displaced from their classrooms. This project aims to reach 20,000 children with school materials and support 120 community volunteer teachers to provide emergency education to these out of school children. The funding that your organisation gives will have a multiplier effect as it will come alongside the teacher support, school construction and child protection support to ensure that the children that receive the support will have the best environment and chance to learn.

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